How I Made Out on Those New Years Resolutions

Hello my friends and again apologies for the long delay in blogging.  I have lots of exciting posts coming up in April with all new pictures and suggestions, a look inside my closet and how to organize your own closets and fun ideas so watch for that.  For today I wanted to update you on my last blog and how I made out with my 15 Promises that I have made to myself.

Well the weight thing - still working on that one - part of the reason there hasn't been any blogs.

Invest in Great Jewelry - I have the most gorgeous pieces that have just arrived from Barry Brinker that I am dying to get photographed and share with you as well as great new spring pieces from Dean Davidson.

One on one time with husband - big fail…he travels a lot in Jan and I travelled in Feb….I will keep working on that one.

My daughter and I just finished the first season of Scream Queens and we LOVED it.

Speaking of said Daughter - she is officially out of our bed - it's been almost 2 weeks now..success.

Drinking 5-6 glasses of water per day so that is getting better.  Still work to do on that one.

Cancelled all autoships and man that is a good feeling.

Exercise every day pretty much always happens.  Between tennis and walking the dog and I'm trying my first Body by Lagree class this week (more to come on that) I'm doing well.

I have picked out the every day bag that I want from Gucci and also the new clutch that I want from Valentino - pictures to come when I am able to get those.

I really evaluated my style after Christmas and decided to go back to the things that really work on me and not to just follow the trends.  Although there are sooo many cute trends this season that I couldn't help but partake in some.

Facials more often - big fail - haven't even had one since my last post.

Cook Monday to Thursday - ummmmm…well….lol….

Get to NYC - that's still up for discussion.

My bed sheets and my daughters are getting laundered now - poor Jack still gets the old washing machine sheets.

My last one was my hope for a new Chanel necklace this year but I was at Chanel last weekend and I saw the most fabulous pearl bracelet that is timeless and chic and totally my style - that's currently on my wish list and has bumped a necklace off.

Here are some pics of things that I have either ordered or are on my radar for Spring.

These are two bloggers that I follow Rachel Parcell and Emily Jackson - both girls rocked NY Fashion Week and I was obsessed with all of their outerwear which inspired me to get a great new jacket for spring.  Mine is coming next week from Jocelyn and it's a black feather short jacket that is so fun.

This Wolford Net Lace String bodysuit was worn by my great friend Nicole last weekend and she looked amazing in it.  I have it in the back of my mind to wear under my Jocelyn jacket if I drop some of this weight….wahhhhh…#goals

I just picked up this Wilfred Free Isabelli sweater from Aritzia last weekend - it's 110.00, light weight and looks great with cropped jeans.

I ordered this IRO Flavia top for spring - great on it's own and a great layering piece under my IRO jackets or moto jackets.

I just picked up these Rag and Bone capri jeans at Aritzia too - they have a pretty great denim selection and these will be great with my Wilfred Free sweater - I loved cropped and capri jeans for spring.

So lots more to come in the next few weeks - I look forward to sharing so much with all of you and thank you for reading my blog!!!